Tips On How To Break In Football Boots

New football boots are uncomfortable to wear to a football game. To make them comfortable you need to break them in. To help you out here are tips on how to break in the boots:

Purchase boots of the right size

Boots of the wrong size result to injuries; therefore, you should ensure that you buy boots that are of the right size for you. When buying the boots you should consider the length and width of your foot.

Many people say that professional players wear boots that are too small for them, but this is untrue. To be on the safe side always ensure that the boot you buy fits you perfectly.

Use Vaseline

Vaseline aids in making leather more pliable and easier to move; therefore, you should apply it on the outside of your boot. It’s also wise that you apply it on all the contact points of the foot.

For example, you should apply Vaseline on toes, heel and other areas that are susceptible to blistering. Applying Vaseline aids in reducing friction against your skin thus blisters don’t form.

Start walking

After wearing the boots you should find grass and start walking. You ทางเข้าเว็บหลัก ufabet should walk for about 10 minutes in order to get used to the feeling of warm feet. You can walk around your local park or around your homestead.

Slowly introduce the boots to training sessions

You should go with your new boots to your training sessions. For ideal results you should aim at playing with them for about 20 minutes. If you play with the boots for a while and you feel some pain, you should remove them and wear the old ones.

You should continue introducing the boots in your training sessions until you are able to comfortably play with them for 90 minutes.

Dampen the boots

If you play with the boots for some time and you still feel pain when training, you should consider dampening them. All you need to do is to lace your boots up the same way you do when you go training and then place your feet in a tub of warm water for about 20 minutes.

You should avoid soaking the boots. You should also avoid using very hot water in order to avoid melting adhesives.