The First Witness – Baptism in the Holy Ghost

Have you at any point been an observer to some occasion? Have you seen a mishap you needed to portray to a cop? Possibly you saw a marriage declaration, or some authoritative report.

John 4:14 ~ The water I give is like a flowing fountain that gives eternal  life... | Spirit of truth, Life verses, Bible inspiration

For most authoritative archives we utilize a legal official public, which is a reinforced legitimate observer. A legal official has remaining in a courtroom. For what reason does a legal official have standing? Since the legal official should meet specific holding capabilities and convey protection which safeguards the observer of the public accountant is valid.

God likewise has observers. We realize that Christians are observers about God’s work of reclamation through Jesus Christ, however God additionally gives different observers.

The Bible lets us know that the Father, the Word, (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Ghost take the stand paradise of Christ’s recovery, and they are one. The Bible additionally lets us know that there are three observers on earth that take the stand Christ and his redemptive work, and they concur. (I John 5:7-11 affirms of these realities.)

The three observers on the planet, soul, water, and blood, are typified in the three submersions given to the adherent by Jesus Christ himself:

The absolution in the Holy Ghost,
The immersion in water,
The immersion in fire.

Immersion in the Holy Ghost – The First Witness – A Transformation

One of the most invigorating yet neglected entries of sacred text shows up after Jesus’ restoration.

John 20:21-23, “…And when he had said this, he inhaled on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost…”

What makes this section of sacred writing so exceptional to the adherent? Just this, similarly as God made man through Jesus Christ and inhaled into his noses the breath of life; and man turned into a living soul, (Genesis 2:7), so additionally God has again picked through Jesus Christ to give the breath of life, the Holy Ghost, to all who get him.

This giving of the Holy Ghost by Jesus Christ is the immersion alluded by John the Baptist.

Matthew 3:11, “…he will submerse you with Holy Ghost and with fire.”

This giving of the Holy Ghost is additionally what Jesus Washing of water by the Word alludes to as being “Brought back to life.” When Nicodemus gets some information about being brought back to life he inquires “Can a man enter a second time into his mom’s belly?”

John 3:3-6, “…Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a man be brought into the world of the water and of the Spirit, he can’t go into the realm of God…”

Jesus discloses to Nicodemus that each individual should be genuinely conceived and profoundly destined to enter the realm of paradise.

Each adherent should comprehend that Jesus makes a change happen in the devotee when he apologizes and calls upon the name of the Lord Jesus. Albeit this change is concealed with the natural eye, it is truly regardless.

To begin with, God through Jesus Christ takes out the detestable heart of unbelief, common heart, and places another unadulterated blameless heart into the new devotee. Then, at that point, he puts his Holy Spirit in the perfect heart of the new adherent. How would we know this? From the Holy Scriptures, the Bible.

Three sacred writings that affirm this change are Titus 3:4-6, Psalms 51:10, and Ezekiel 18:31.

Does God need to make a spotless heart in an individual prior to setting the Holy Spirit in him. Totally! God is extremely clear all through sacred writing that light and haziness can’t possess a similar spot. An unregenerate or unbelieving heart can’t accept God’s Holy Spirit. Light and Darkness can’t involve a similar spot.

Submersion in the Holy Ghost – What does it Mean?

In the first place, this activity by the Lord of Glory, the Creator, all things considered, Jesus Christ, always associates an individual to God Almighty through his Holy Spirit.

It implies that in addition to the fact that God loves him, yet the God of all greatness, Jesus Christ, stays in him through his Holy Spirit. It implies that he will never leave him or spurn him. It implies he is always secure and that the Spirit of God seals him until the day of reclamation.