The Cheapest Way to Launch a Retail Website

A few years back I was hired to write content for a client’s new Website. The client had a fancy (but honestly, a bit ugly) black flash website which didn’t fit his branding. It was full of pages and images that moved, but not much information of value. And it sure didn’t provide enough information to make me think of hiring the guy.

I began working on the project after consulting with other Web designers as well as graphic designers and marketers in the team. In addition to designing a new website design We decided that he required quite a bit more information. This included case studies, helpful tips, solid reasons to hire them over the competition and tools to keep visitors coming back to the site as well as other.

Then there was the problem of organizing everything…From planning the navigation, to deciding on the route visitors should follow on the site, to creating compelling calls to actions.

Then things started to come together very nicely. However, when we brought our client in to discuss what we were planning, he appeared disoriented.

He was unable to understand why we were putting an enormous amount of time and effort into planning. He seemed to want a site that looked more attractive and was more consistent with his branding and colours.

Wow, this really threw me off! You know, why would you invest any time and money redesigning your site if you’re never going to make it a better sales tool, right?! ?

I started asking questions to try to understand where he was coming from. Finally, I got to the core of the issue…

The website he was using had never brought in any new business-no leads there were no sales, nothing. Not really surprising because, in addition to being an eye-sore it was not designed to generate sales.

Naturally, the next one I asked him was “Would you like your Website to generate leads and make sales for you?” The answer was??? A “deer-in-the-headlights” stare!

He didn’t think that his site could be performing a substantial portion of the sales and marketing task for him.

It’s true that he’s not the only small business owner I’ve run across that feels that way. If I ask business owners what their websites do to help grow their business nine times out the ten times, their answer will be “nothing”. It is more likely that prospects look up the website to learn more only after talking to them via call or by meeting them in person.

A majority of small-business websites are just glorified electrified brochures!

In this day and age it is essential to have kissanime an EFFECTIVE website that is sales-oriented is one of the best ways to expand almost every small business, without investing much time or money.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to awake and discover emails from three hot prospects who are eager to get you on their list? You could also make $300 online in sales when you were asleep? Of course it would! It doesn’t take an expert in the field to come up with the idea.

Best of all, creating a Website that is an effective lead-generating machine, sales-making tool will not cost an arm and a leg. All you need is to know what makes a site effective Decide exactly what you want yours to accomplish for you, then create an outline, and then employ an expert to carry it out (or create the changes yourself).

Your website could be doing better for you?

Of course, if the story has resonated with you, the most likely answer is yes. However, if you’re not convinced take a moment to be sure to answer the following the following questions…

1.) Does your website frequently generate sales or send hot leads to your Inbox? 2) Does it clearly display exactly what you can offer and to whom in the center of the homepage? They ought to be able to identify this information in two seconds or less!
3) Does your Website give your visitors an appealing, compelling motive to buy from you over your competitors?
4.) Is your most valuable content on your website is accessible within two clicks of the homepage?
5) Does your website answer the questions of your visitors and address their primary issues?
6.) Does it boost your authority by providing helpful facts to your customers?
7) Do you often get people to compliment your website’s ease of navigating your Website?
8) Has your Website content changed in the past six months?
9) Was your website designed with a purpose in mind aside from simply having a Web presence (IE the creation of an online store, selling products and becoming a resource centre, etc. )?