Is Your Domain Name A Trademark Infringement?

I as of late got an email from a concerned, individual Internet entrepreneur, requesting my viewpoint on an issue that could in a real sense obliterate his Internet business and the matter of a few different areas involved.

He had gotten lawful notification from a noticeable organization, expressing that he expected to surrender his utilization and freedoms to his site space name since it contained three letters that encroached upon their brand name and their area name. This equivalent organization likewise reached a few other Internet entrepreneurs and made comparative demands.

Should an organization that enlists a particular brand name amazon brand registry be able to obliterate various organizations that truly enrolled space names? Should an organization that enrolls a brand name have the obligation of guaranteeing that a space name enlistment office doesn’t give area names that might be a brand name encroachment? Or then again should an Internet business have the obligation of ensuring a potential name doesn’t Infringe upon an enrolled brand name? Where does the obligation lie?

Ultimately, the obligation lies with the area name registrant, as the brand name laws that apply in the printed copy world likewise apply on the Internet.

Any organization that enlists a brand name has the option to ensure their brand name and has the option to tell you that your space name is encroaching upon their brand name. Why? Assuming your area name has the capability of confounding people in general into thinking the brand name holder is some way or another associated with your site, they might bring encroachment claims against you. The courts would need to settle on the choice dependent on the brand name laws and in the event that your area name, truth be told, has the capability of confounding people in general.