How to Set Up and Market a Sunglasses Store

When you are setting up your sunglasses store, you need to know something about marketing. Marketing is an exact science as marketing tricks have been tested and theories proven time and time again. Fortunately, marketing is something that anyone can learn.

After you have made your decision to open up your sunglasses store and sell this type of product, you have to consider marketing. Your marketing decisions should be based upon the following:

Customer demographics

Before opening up your sunglasses store, you should do a study in customer demographics. What is the median income of the customers in the area? How much money are they willing to spend on sunglasses? By understanding your customers, you will be better able to market your product to them. You do not want to be marketing $500 designer sunglasses to people whose average income is around $20,000 a year. It won’t work.

Location of your store

Is your sunglasses store located xfinity store near me online or offline? The location determines the type of marketing that you can do. If you have an off line store, you will market your product through sales in the newspapers and shoppers as well as through signs. If your store is online, you can market your store through a variety of different techniques, including using press releases and newsletters.


You may feel that you do not have the budget to market your product, but the truth of the matter is that you have to market your product or you will simply be out of business. “If you build it, they will come,” is a tag line for a movie, not reality. In real life, it takes marketing skills to get people to visit your store. While you may not have a large budget to market, you should have something set aside. Nevertheless, your marketing decisions will be based upon your advertising budget. Make sure that you use this budget wisely and to your best advantage.

There are many ways that you can market your sunglasses store. Direct marketing works both online and off line. Remember that the more information that you give people about your store, the more likely they are to visit. Be sure to study the demographics of your area as well as the location of your store when you make your marketing decisions.