Holiday Insurance Vs Homeowners Insurance

It’s amazing how many people don’t take the time to go out and get the facts before assuming their homeowners insurance covers them while on vacation. That’s what they pay their premiums for, right? Well, yes … and no. You will be amazed at how many gaps appear in your home insurance coverage when you start talking about going on vacation. That’s why it’s a good idea to take out holiday insurance as a back-up to make sure your very merry Christmas doesn’t turn into a holiday you’d rather forget about!


Homeowners Insurance


Here’s the short story about your homeowners insurance. It is homeowners insurance. Not VACATION insurance for homeowners, not traveler’s insurance, insurance for homeowners. It is designed to protect your home, which means that during the holidays your insurance will ensure:


a) If your home becomes the victim of a Christmas crime (criminals love the holidays like everyone else), you can afford to fix the windows and doors and replace whatever they left with.


b) If your house is on fire because of something you did not intentionally do, you will have someone ready to help you pay the often exorbitant rehab fees to put things back together.


c) If your pipes burst while you are away and the water damage completely destroys the interior of your home while you are out of town, you can put the soggy and damp mess back together.


d) If someone steals your trunk speakers, your car explodes, or some other cowardly event destroys everything you were storing in your back seat, you can afford to replace everything.


You will notice that your luggage, airline tickets, and money orders are not on this list. That’s why you need to supplement your homeowners insurance with …


Vacation insurance


Also known as traveler’s insurance or vacation insurance, vacation insurance is there to cover all the gaps that your homeowners insurance leaves open. Your vacation Structural Warranty Insurance  coverage is designed to cover the contents of your luggage in case it is looted while traveling (including the camcorder that you kept in your coat pocket). If you’re carrying thousands of dollars worth of clothing, toys, and electronics (cough … Christmas presents … cough), you’ll want vacation insurance to back it up.


Of course, keeping your belongings safe from the criminal underworld isn’t the only thing your vacation insurance will do for you. You know all those pesky little fees they like to charge you for canceling their reservations at the last minute? All the expenses that arise when you miss your flight and have to book a new one? The hassle and aggravation of unexpected layovers when weather and mechanical failures interfere with your flight plans?


All of that is covered by your vacation insurance, making it an incredible addition to your homeowners insurance and a very valuable investment in your vacation peace of mind. Hey, you’ve got enough freaking out this Christmas. Isn’t it nice to be able to remove at least one thing from the list?