Free Image Hosting Services – Quick, Simple and Efficient Ways to Upload Images Online

With the continuously increasing popularity achieved by blogs, forums and online auctions, free image hosting services are currently in high demand among end users. Such services are designed for many different categories of users, and they basically act like this: by becoming a registered member or by using the public services delivered by a free picture hosting-offering website, one can upload images on the Internet, images which are subsequently stored onto a server and can be viewed by others (random or preferential categories of web surfers) using various types of code.

The process of image uploading is extremely simple and quick: once you have decided which images you want to upload onto the image hosting service-offering website, all you have to do is select those images from your computer and then transfer them to the server by using the “submit” option. High-quality, dedicated free image hosting services enable users to submit multiple pictures at once, transfer them from URL in order to efficiently prevent bandwidth theft (which basically refers to the unauthorized use of someone else’s bandwidth) and also to submit archives containing a succession of images.

Most free image hosting services PimpAndHost allow users to upload images in a variety of formats (jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif, tif, tiff, png and swf), including encrypted archives which use the popular ZIP or RAR extensions. Once you have completed the process of submitting your files to the server, you will be able to show your uploaded images to others by either linking with HTML code, linking with BB code or via thumbnails linked to the full-size images.

High-quality free image hosting services are ideal for users who don’t dispose of personal webspace (for instance, they eliminate the need for a personal website with the main purpose of establishing an online image gallery), and offer a wide range of advantages: possibility to create photoblogs, image galleries or even slideshows; possibility to add notes to the uploaded images; possibility to resize images down to a user-preferred size (feature that has been recently introduced by many free picture hosting services).

Most free image hosting services allow users to choose between the public services and member services packages. As a public user, one is entitled to utilize the public upload system, which means that all the uploaded images can be viewed by anyone who accesses the image hosting website. By opting for the public services option, you will benefit from unlimited file uploads, unlimited space, up to 10,000 views per image every month and up to 1GB maximum file size, all free of charge. Once you submit your images, the system will create thumbnails and automate the code creation process for use on message boards, emails, blogs and so on.

If you opt for the member services option, you will be offered additional benefits, such as complete privacy of your uploaded images, unlimited amount of folders to organize your images in, unlimited views per image and up to 30 GB of bandwidth per month. You can either have the code generated automatically in order to use it on message boards, blogs and other similar systems or you can decide to link directly to your images, the choice is yours. Considering the fact that the member services delivered by most free picture hosting websites are also free of charge, it is preferable to opt for this package instead of the public services package in order to be benefited with additional features and more advanced user options.

There are many dedicated free image hosting services out there, so it is relatively easy to find the one that best satisfies your needs and requirements. Before deciding to use such a service, remember to carefully analyze the offered features and distinctive policies in order to ensure that you will obtain the desired results.

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