Copywriting Services – 5 Ways to Help Your Copywriter Help You

You need to promote your business. Maybe you could write the copy yourself, but you’ve been sufficiently enlightened to hire-in the copywriting services to get those business communications off your to-do list and earning their keep while you concentrate on what you do best for the business. Having chosen your copywriting partner, a few simple guidelines will help you get the greatest benefit from their copywriting services. It’s in your interest as you build a productive working relationship.

(1) Always brief your copywriter thoroughly

It’s always worth investing time to think carefully about what you want your copywriting to do, and then briefing your copywriter properly. A written brief is vital for copywriting services. It doesn’t have to be War and Peace; a side of A4 is often enough to capture your requirements and keep everyone on-track during the writing.

(2) Copywriting services: please avoid changing the goalposts

We all know how projects can evolve. But please be fair to your copywriter. If they quoted for website copywriting services, halfway through writing is a bit late to decide that you really wanted a brochure instead! And if you do change your mind, please understand why they may need to charge for work already done and now abandoned. Brochure copywriting, for instance, is very different to website content copy writing services.

(3) It’s in your interest to respond to your copywriter’s drafts promptly

A typical copywriting job goes through first draft and at least a couple drafting services of revisions. A good copywriter will agree delivery dates for each draft with you – and keep to them. In return, it’s in your interests, because you want to get the job finished as soon as possible, for you to respond promptly with any amendments. If you ‘sit on’ revisions, don’t be surprised if, in the absence of feedback, your copywriter has dropped onto someone else’s project. Getting comments to your writer promptly keeps the copywriting process flowing smoothly towards the finished job that will promote your business.

(4) Avoid changing copy without consulting your copywriter

It happens. Your writer does a great job for you; then, you decide to make a few changes of your own… A minor factual alteration may be harmless, but significant changes can easily undermine good work that you’ve paid handsomely for. ‘Don’t buy a dog and bark yourself’ was never more relevant: you’ve hired a copywriter to provide professional copywriting services so why risk introducing style, grammar and spelling howlers. If changes are essential, at least let your copywriter edit them. Even better, just te