Best China Visa Services

To enter any foreign nation or territory, one needs permission. It may be just a stamp or a complete document. This permission is known as visa. However, on actual section, the person has to report and get it checked by an immigration official.

This procedure is continued in all the countries. Visa services are always in high demand. This has prompted a ton of companies coming up which give visa services. However, one should audit these companies and their sites as there are chances of fake companies too. Genuine companies are tough to come by.

In Beijing, there are only three companies who have been approved and are certified to give Chinese visa services. One of them is China Visa Service Center, Beijing. The experts visa services hong kong here are always in the know regarding the information and head to head with the changes in laws and policies of China. Moreover, this company is working with Public Security Bureau. This ensures fastest, cheapest and most reliable Chinese visa.

China Visa Service Center, Beijing provides nearly all types of China visa services. It deals in five types of Chinese visa. These are Type L, Type F, Type X, Type Z and Type D. Apart from these; Chinese business visa invitation letters are also processed.

Type L is Chinese tourist visa application letter. It is for those individuals who are entering China on a temporary basis. This can include tours and visits of a personal nature. They are available in two formats which are single section and double passage. For tourist and such purposes, different passage visa is not granted.

Type F is Chinese business visa application. It is for those who are to enter China on a business or related excursion. This can include research purposes, lecturing, cultural, technological or scientific exchanges. This is also for the students who wish to come to China for short-term internships or studies. It is available in four formats. The formats are single passage visa, double section visa, six month numerous section visa and one year various section business visa.