2009 Spring Training Preview – Chicago White Sox

The White Sox won the AL Central in 2008, however barely did it in amazing design, overseeing just 88 successes and really completing in a bind with Minnesota for the best record in the division. While their pitching was strong, they were crippled by a conflicting offense that didn’t generally have enough capability to do a great deal of harm. They saw the development of Carlos Quentin in the outfield and the development of John Danks and Gavin Floyd in the pivot, and yet observed Paul Konerko post another normal year and had nearer Bobby Jenks start to give indications of separating. While they despite everything can battle for the AL Central title in 2009, it will be a more serious race, as the Twins, Indians, Tigers, and even Royals ought to have the option to mount solid difficulties to the dominant division champs.

C A.J. Pierynski – Pierzynski has never been an incredible hostile catcher, yet absolutely gives a strong degree of offense, with an OPS+ of 95 throughout his vocation. He’s useful for 15-18 grand slams a season, and will contribute with 25-30 duplicates also. Despite the fact that he has reliably hit for normal in his vocation, with a .284 imprint going into 2009, he will in general have some plate discipline issues, as his profession OBP is just .326, which is positively underneath what you might want to see. Protectively, he demonstrated somewhat of a decrease in his capacity to control the running match-up a year ago, surrendering 96 takes while just tossing out 21 would-be stealers. Pierzynski will be 32 years of age this season, so he most likely just has another 2-3 strong seasons before he begins to decay, however he’s a sure thing for an OPS somewhere in the range of .720 and .750 of every 2009 and ought to be a strong supporter of the White Sox.

1B Paul Konerko – Konerko appreciated one more strong season at age 32, however he is not, at this point a significant power at a respectable starting point. He set up a line of .240/.344/.438 while hitting 22 grand slams. While Konerko’s peripherals were acceptable, as he posted a K/BB pace of 80/65, he basically doesn’t make hard contact enough to reliably harm any longer. His OPS+ of 102 may associate with group normal, yet you ordinarily need your first baseman to have an OPS over 800. Konerko is presumably a sure thing to be some place around the .800 level for the following couple of years, making him a fair alternative, however search for the White Sox to start searching for a swap for him in the following season or two, as he obviously doesn’t have a ton left in the tank.

2B Chris Getz – Getz is required to assume control Dank420cartridges.com throughout the a respectable halfway point work in the wake of spending the last four seasons in the minors for the White Sox. He has a strong methodology at the plate, and should no doubt set up a line of something close to .270/.350/.360, which is all the White Sox truly look for from him. He showed more force last season, hitting a vocation high 11 grand slams in the minors, yet it is not yet clear if this was an exception or on the off chance that he figured out how to develop into some force during his time in the minors. Regardless, search for Getz to give good hitting from the a respectable halfway point spot for the White Sox with ease.

3B Josh Fields – Fields had been a valued possibility for quite a while before his tenderfoot period of 2007, where he set up an OPS of .788 and seemed to get an opportunity to be the White Sox beginning third baseman in 2008. That never occurred, as Joe Crede filled the spot as Fields battled with wounds, however Fields is presently expected to take over for Crede in 2009. Fields has great force, and is a strong wagered to hit around 20 grand slams for each season, yet issues with strike zone acknowledgment will keep him from hitting for normal now in his profession, as he struck out in almost 30% of his small time at-bats before striking out in 35% of his significant association at-bats to this point in his vocation. Search for an OPS around .800 from him, however don’t be shocked if pitchers figure out how to abuse his helpless pitch choice also.