Navratri – Religious Significance and Puja Vidhi

Navratri is a pageant popularly typically known as the pageant of worship and dance. The phrase Navaratri really means 9 nights in Sanskrit; Nava meaning 9 and Ratri meaning nights. All through these 9 nights and days, 9 forms of Shakti/Devi i.e. female divinity are worshipped. The nine-day pageant of Navratri is held in honor of the 9 manifestations of Goddess Durga.

The spiritual significance behind the celebration of Navratri is that the 9 days are divided and devoted to the Trinity of God worshipped in a female sort.

In Hindu mythology the pageant is massively celebrated world huge as a result of the victory of positive over evil as a result of the Goddess Happy Navratri Wishes killed buffalo – headed demon, Mahishasura after an prolonged battle of 9 days and night on the tenth day, which is broadly generally known as Vijaya Dashmi Such adoration to Mother Goddess is unique to Hinduism.Moreover dusshera is broadly recognized on the similar day as Lord Rama with the blessings of Maa Durga has obtained over Ravana. The pageant moreover marks the arrival of winter season, a interval when nature undergoes a variety of climatic modifications. Goddess Shakti throughout the 9 varieties, Maa Shailputri, Maa Brahmachaarini, Maa Chandraghanta, Maa Kushmaanda, Skanda Maa, Maa Kaatyayani, Maa Kaalratri, Maa Mahagauri and Maa Sidhidaarti is worshipped all through these 9 days for good heath, wealth, prosperity, data and auspiciousness.

Navratri in 2009 will begin from September 19 till 27 September.

Rituals for performing Puja all through Navratri

Navratri puja could also be very simple and by no means very refined. One can merely observe the short; even when one cannot observe the short he can merely recite mantra “Om Ang Haring Kalimg Shreeng Maha Durgay Namah”. One ought to rigorously work upon his/her aahar (meals), vyavhaar (behaviour) and acharan (character) by means of the time of Navratri.

Aahar – One should on a regular basis avoid non vegetarian meals and “Satvik” meals like fruits, Kutu Ka Aata, Singara Ka Aata, Curd and Potatoes should be consumed. Utilization of Onion and Garlic should be prevented.

Vyavhaar and Acharan – All through Navratri pageant all devotees should worship the female deity with spiritual emotion (bhav)

Proper right here is the tactic for performing Navratri Puja

Get your private home cleaned and ready. You are inviting Goddess into the home. Usually that’s achieved on the Amavasya, a day sooner than the beginning of Navratri.

On the first day of the Navaratri, a small mattress of mud (taken from any auspicious place) is prepared throughout the puja room of the house and barley seeds are sown over it. On this Mattress a Kalash produced from Earthen/ Copper is saved and filled with water. Above the pot a bowl filled with rice is saved. A dry Coconut wrapped with mango leaves is then saved over this kalash. This Kalash is believed to be a symbolic kind of Goddess Durga. By conserving kalash one invocates the goddess throughout the Kalash.

On the tenth day, the shoots are about 3 – 5 inches in measurement. After the puja, these seedlings are pulled out and given to devotees as a blessing from god. This Kalash shouldn’t be touched by means of the 9 days. One diya is lit close to this Kalash which is supposed to burn endlessly for 9 days. That is known as Akhand Jyoti.

Many people contemplate that the scale of the Shoots determines the Quantum of income that they might have in coming six months. This notion may need been on account of India is principally an agrarian monetary system whereby the productiveness of the land determined one’s income.


The day begins with a recital of Sanskrit hymns by the devotees; they supply prayer to the goddess. Kumari Puja or the worship of little girls as a result of the mother goddess is a selected part of the rituals seen in various typical and household pujas.

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